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Information for prospective students

Prospective PhD Students:

The Harvey Lab has PhD students from several graduate programs here at Georgia Tech:



Chemistry and Biochemistry

• Physics

• Computational Sciences and Engineering

Molecular Biophysics is an interdisciplinary program, but it is not a degree-granting program. Students must be admitted to one of the graduate programs listed above (the "home program"). Course requirements in the home program are supplemented by special activities associated with the Molecular Biophysics program, and the home program will actually grant the degree.

You do not have to contact me directly about graduate research until after you have applied to one of these programs. Applications to each program are reviewed by an Admissions Committee, and they will send me copies of any applications where the students have specified an interest in my laboratory.

Foreign Students:

You should know that, if you are admitted to any high-quality PhD program in the US, you will receive full financial support during your time as a student.

Foreign students often send hundreds of identical letters of inquiry to American professors. A typical letter begins with something like "Dear Distinguished Professor: I am very interested in your significant work and would like to obtain the PhD in your laboratory..." This usually means that the student is just looking for financial support and doesn't actually know anything about the research programs of the people to whom they are writing. Such letters (and the attached CVs) almost never get read or answered.

Your decision on a graduate program should depend only on your long-range interests and goals. You should examine a number of graduate programs before applying, and you should apply to programs that interest you before contacting any of the faculty.

Bioinformatics Masters Degree Students:

Georgia Tech offers an outstanding professional MS degree in Bioinformatics. Students do not receive financial support for this program. Some students contact me after they have been admitted, seeking financial support. I am happy to have outstanding MS students work in my laboratory, and sometimes I will support a student's application for financial support from the Bioinformatics Program, but only after he or she has worked for me for at least one semester.